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Animated series "Have a screw loose" is about inventions of the 20's century. Little's and grown ups are learning exciting facts (real historic facts) in humor form. Project has 52 parts (each 6 and half minute) This project had already won several awards:
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Skyscraper - Premium Igric (Trencianske Teplice, 2003) Lightbulb - 2nd price in nonfiction category (Prix Jeunesse International, Munich, 2004) Ball pen - Premium Igric (Bratislava, 2005) Plastics - Envirofilm (Banska Bystrica, 2011) Premium Igric for scernario of TV series (Bratislava, 2012) Robot - “Quality in Children’s TV Worldwide” (Prix Jeunesse International, Munich, 2016)
Realization of this TV series was financially supported by Audiovizuálny fond
Have a screw loose! - Röntgen
Established 1992